Get Everything You Need To Complete Your First Real Estate Investment Deal

Join my 2-day real estate investing course, where my team and I teach you our step-by-step process on how to close your first real estate deal in 60 days. Our course will teach you how to rehab and flip properties, acquire rental properties, wholesale real estate and other strategies we use to build wealth using real estate.

You will receive all the scripts, worksheets, strategies, processes and contracts that we’ve used to close and profit from over 1000+ real estate deals.

Here is what our students find the MOST valuable about our real estate investing course:

  • We will reveal how we get our phone ringing with over 2,000 motivated sellers a year asking us to buy their houses
  • We will review real deals so you can learn how to estimate costs and potential profits of a deal
  • Together we will evaluate leads and role-play different scenarios so you can familiarize yourself with speaking to motivated sellers
  • My team and I will take you on a journey where we walk you through real deals that we are working right now. We will share how we found it, evaluated, negotiated, rehabbed and made profit.
  • We’re available during the 2-day real estate investing workshop to answer your questions and provide the guidance you want to close your first deal in 60 days!

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