REI Business Maximum Acceleration

Get exclusive access to Homestead Road’s founder and program creator, Andrey Sokurec. Learn the latest strategies and tools he uses to grow his real estate investment business.

This is an annual program for Real Estate investors who want to double their Real Estate business in 12 months or less. We will meet as a small group of like-minded investors where we will discuss unique strategies that will help you transform your business and personal life to the next level.

We meet in-person once per quarter where you’ll be able to learn Andrey’s business processes, tour his real estate projects, ask questions and more.

Here are some of the benefits of joining this program:

  • Learn how to scale your business
  • Learn powerful strategies how to double your business in 12 months
  • Meet like-minded successful Real Estate investors
  • Gain access to hard money lenders
  • Partner on deals with Andrey

Finally get coached by a mentor that has built the largest property flipping company in the Midwest. Get the proven formula and coaching of how to quickly scale your REI business.

Unfortunately, the availability for this program is limited. Click on the button below to apply and we will contact you upon reviewing your application.

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