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My mission is to help you finally pursue your dreams, live the life that you want and become financially free.

What are my qualifications? Well... I was just like you 10+ years ago. I had a dream, but fear held me back like an anchor on a sailboat.

I eventually discovered the secret to breaking free was to change the way I thought. Once I did that, I transformed from a penniless immigrant who couldn’t speak English, into building a multi-million dollar Real Estate investment business.

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We offer programs that will help you build wealth through real estate whether you an aspiring, beginning or seasoned real estate investor.

Online Real Estate Investing Training Course
My First Deal Done

Our online self-study course that gives you the necessary knowledge and instructions to complete your first real estate deal in 60 days.

Real Estate Investors Taking Course
Live 2-Day Real Estate Investing Masterclass

We teach you how to invest in real estate by walking through the step – by step process we have created in closing 1,000+ deals in over 13 years. Together we review deals we are working on right now. We will reveal our unique process how we find and structure deals.

Real Estate Investing Courses for Beginner Flippers
Real Estate Business Maximum Acceleration

Get exclusive excess to Homestead Road’s founder and program creator, Andrey Sokurec’s latest strategies and tools. This workshop is for Real Estate investors who want to want to double their Real Estate business in 12 months or less. Andrey focuses on unique concepts that will help you to transform your business and personal life.

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